The cost of a metal construction

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The cost of a metal frame for a detached house

Nowadays, you can very well choose a steel frame for your detached house. Currently, it is the most common type of frame offered by prefabricated house builders. However, in individual construction, steel still lags far behind traditional timber framing.

At the level of the realization, it is similar to that of a wooden frame, since it is an assembly of beams which make it possible to support a cover. The assembly of the beams is made of steel (IPN, IPE, HEA or HEB) using bolts, connectors and more rarely welds.

A metal frame for a detached house is a modest-sized structure. Compared to an industrial building, which covers more surface area and which, therefore, will need much more material, the price per m² will be much higher. On the other hand, the price of the installation of a metal frame is much cheaper than wooden frames, this is due to the ease of implementation.

The price of a metal frame also varies depending on the type of roof you have chosen, the roof determines the sizing of the elements making up the structure. Therefore, a frame with two sides is much cheaper than a frame with 4 sides.

The price of a metal frame for a house is between 60 and 120 euros per m² (installation included). Excluding installation costs, the price of a metal frame for a detached house is between 30 euros and 60 euros per m².

The cost of a metal frame for an industrial building

A metal frame is the perfect choice for an industrial or agricultural building. This considerably reduces the cost of the wholesale work.

It is important to know that in industrial buildings, it is sometimes possible to avoid the creation of attics, from the moment you opt for a visible frame. In addition, this choice makes it possible to optimize the usable volume, on the other hand, this raises a question, that of insulation. This means that, if the industrial building needs high-performance roof insulation, and you want to keep an exposed metal frame, you will have to opt for exterior roof insulation, commonly called sarking.

The price of a metal framefor an industrial buildingvaries between 80 and 130 euros per m² (installation included).

The cost of a steel frame kit

The metal frame kit adapts to all sectors whether for industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, and even the construction of individual houses. If you have a project to install a metal frame kit, call a professional to get an estimate for the frame.

Another advantage, if you have some experience in this area, you can do this work yourself.

The price of a metal frame kit is between 50 and 100 euros per m2 (installation not included).

The cost of a metal frame in custom construction

A made-to-measure metal frame is rare, but it particularly concerns works requiring specific sizing of the structural elements. This sometimes results in the creation of custom gantries, purlins or connectors. In this case, it is better to provide for the integration of certain factors that can modify the structure of the framework, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels, which require a reinforced structure.

The price of a made-to-measure metal frame is between 140 and 230 euros per m² (installation included). Excluding installation costs, the price of a metal frame varies between 90 and 140 euros per m2.

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