We like to dress with class and comfort, but when it comes to footwear, we also have to think about health, especially when we are going to use them for exercise.

When you go shopping for shoes:

• Go in the afternoon
• Bring the socks you will be wearing, and inserts, if you wear them
• Bring the pair of shoes that fit you so you can compare them
• Make sure they fit in the toe and heel
• It should fit snug but without hurting

There is not one shoe, nor one brand that is best for everyone. Try on various models. Shoes should fit you comfortably from the start.

By the way, generally, shoes used for sports stay in good condition after about 300 hours of use, which is equivalent to running about 300 to 500 miles. Sometimes it is necessary to change them before if you have a problem with your feet.

To assess the condition of your shoes, place them on a table and look at them from behind. If the sole is worn on either the inside or the outside, and you see that because the shoe is leaning in or out, you should change them. Also if you notice any discomfort when using them, it will indicate that they are spent.

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