When you want to increase the physical area of ​​your network, it is useful to connect two routers. For this, it is important to use an Ethernet cable. You just have to be sure to use the right cable and make sure that the two wired routers are indeed compatible. On this page:

What Ethernet cable for router?

To connect a router with a computer, an Ethernet cable is often used. But a priori, the Ethernet cable is often used to transmit computer data between two devices. It even optimizes the transmission of landline telephone connections. It is a cord having two ends having an RJ45 connector. This is why it is also called RJ45 cable. Now many people use it for network cabling to get better signal and enjoy high speed internet. Thus, you can easily download data via the Internet on your computer, but also download games.

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You must opt ​​for the RJ45 Ethernet cable to connect two routers together. The cord performs very well and sends a good signal from the main router to the secondary router. You no longer have to use a modem if you want to use two Internet connections simultaneously. The cable establishes a connection between the primary box and the second box. You will expand your Internet network. Stop installing the modem on your computer and free up your USB port for other uses. Just choose the model with the length corresponding to your needs.

cable router choose

cable router choose

How to choose the right RJ45 Ethernet cable?

There are several categories of Ethernet cabling. We first find Cat 5 or category 5 and an Ethernet cord with a frequency lower than 100 MHz and a maximum speed of 100 Mbit as well as a length of 100 m. This type of cable is the most recommended for personal networks. It can connect your box to your computer or connect your flat screen TV with your box.

Then there is Cat 6 which offers a speed of up to 1000 Mbps and a frequency of less than 250 MHz. With a very high speed and a very powerful signal, this type of Ethernet cord is the most appropriate in companies. To connect two routers, prefer rather the Cat 6a offering a fluid transmission and links in full-duplex mode. Finally, for a very high speed connection, here are two choices of RJ45 cables:

  • Cat 7: Frequency < 600 MHz and Speed: 10 Gbit/s
  • Cat 8: Frequency < 2000 mhz and Speed: 40 Gbit/s

Shielded or unshielded cable?

The shielding of a cable is very important since it protects the cable itself and the surrounding environment from electromagnetic emissions. On the market, there are still unshielded cables. However, it is safer to buy a shielded cable, either braid or aluminum foil shielding. Some cables also use twisted pair shielding.

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