Iberia Express has increased its offer by 4% for Easter , especially in the Canary Islands , which means a total of 11,500 more seats between March 30 and April 11 distributed among 32 additional round-trip flights.

In the Canary Islands, the routes will be reinforced with 30 additional round-trip flights from Madrid , representing a total of more than 10,700 extra seats, and an increase of 11% with respect to its base program in the archipelago.

Specifically, the frequencies to Gran Canaria are increased with 11 additional scheduled return flights, reaching eight daily flights on the days of greatest demand; and to Tenerife , which adds another 13 (7 to the Tenerife North airport and 6 to the Tenerife South airport), with which the company offers up to 9 daily frequencies on designated dates.

Lanzarote also increases its offer by 5 round-trip flights, and La Palma by an additional one. During this period, a total of 114,000 seats will be offered between Madrid and the archipelago, which represents anincrease of 4%compared to Easter 2022.

In addition, the airline has promoted international connectivity, increasing the number of flights offered for these dates in European capitals such as Berlin and Dublin. The German capital will have one more round-trip flight, reaching up to four daily flights on April 6, and in the case of the Madrid-Dublin route, which has one daily flight throughout the season, it will be reinforced with an additional return flight on March 31.

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