The price increases in the rates of Movistar, Vodafone and Orange will affect more than 12.6 million households, which will see how their bills throughout 2023 will increase by more than 663 million euros only in their fiber and mobile packages. .

This is confirmed by the savings website after analyzing the impact that these price changes will have on the consumer’s pocket. Remember that Movistar and Vodafone already increased the prices of their customers last January and that Orange will do so as of March 26 . 

The figure, which takes into account only the increase in fiber and mobile offers, the type of package most contracted in Spain, would be even higher if we take into account that these operators have a flexible catalog that allows additions, many of which also have been harmed by the increase in prices. Therefore, the more the user has contracted, the more their receipts will get fatter.

Since the beginning of the current inflationary period -March 2021- telecommunications companies had remained outside the general trend of price increases , but with the start of the year they have ended up transferring the increase in costs to the consumer. 

“With the change of direction that price increases in telecommunications services entail, analyzing our consumption needs and comparing prices is essential to save. Today, a user who changes operator can see the price of his rate reduced 49.34% in fixed broadband and mobile telephony packages”, explains Sara Perales, spokesperson for Kelisto Communications.

The trio of companies justifies the increase in prices – which, unlike previous years, is not accompanied by an improvement in conditions – due to an increase in their expenses, in a context of inflation and after a year in which they have registered customer losses In fact, between the three of them, more than 343,000 fiber and mobile packages were left between December 2022 and 2021. 

According to Kelisto, the increase has been an average of 6.33% in the case of Movistar , 7.99% in that of Vodafone and 3.42% in that of Orange: therefore, in the first two cases, the rise is above the CPI for January (5.9%).

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