We met Frédéric Stouls, the founder of Chimère, a designer furniture publisher for animals. He occupies a storage warehouse found thanks to Waresito to store professional furniture used at trade fairs (exhibition material, stands, etc.).

Can you tell more about your activity?

Chimera is a designer furniture publishing house for pet owners who care about their interior decoration. These are design products (rabbit cage, niche, aquarium, etc.) that are entirely handcrafted in France and Italy. We use noble materials such as solid oak. But also blown glass, very high-end upholstery fabrics. The idea is to create a real coherent and aesthetic universe between the contemporary living furniture and the animal furniture that we offer.

Why did you choose Waresito?

Our production is stored either in our factory or in a warehouse in order to be able to easily ship the products abroad, by ship. However, we rented storage space from Waresito as we needed to store demonstration products, during events in Paris. Professional furniture takes up space between the stands, the exhibition equipment… This is why it was necessary to store professional furniture at Waresito.

Criteria to respect to store your professional furniture?

Accessibilityboth, in terms ofemplacement, it must not be too far from Paris. And accessibility in terms ofhours of operation. If we need quick access to the warehouse, the person is available in a very short time to give us access. That’s what we were looking for.

Does the warehouse meet your expectations? Security, lighting, humidity?

Yes absolutely, it is a warehouse that perfectly matches our products. There is no humidity, it is a dry and secure place. We even have equipment available such as a pallet puller, film to protect the parcels… it’s appreciable and it’s even better than I expected.

Can you access your warehouse at your leisure?

Yes, I just have to notify the warehouse owner shortly before my arrival to win time.

But it is very easy and without restraint !

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