Do you also enjoy drinking a glass of wine every now and then? Then we have good news for red wine lovers. It is good for your health! Provided you limit it to one glass a day! Are you curious what red wine does to your body? Then read on quickly, because they list a number of scientific facts.

Red wine is good for your immune system

Red wine contains the substance ‘tannin’. This substance protects you against, for example, the flu and a cold. So do you have a low resistance and do you get sick regularly? Then a glass of red wine might be your solution!

Red wine is good for your heart & blood vessels

Red wine is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that prevent cell damage caused by inflammation and stress, for example. This is because red wine is made from red grapes. Red grapes increase the antioxidant level in your blood. In addition, research shows that red wine can lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and metabolic disorders.

Red wine improves blood circulation

Alcohol has a blood-thinning effect. The substances in red wine dilate the blood vessels. In addition, red wine improves blood circulation in all organs. The kidneys, lungs and brain in particular seem to benefit from a glass of red wine.

Red wine works against Alzheimer’s

Red wine is good for the brain. The risk of dementia and premature tissue breakdown is reduced. This is because red wine contains a lot of antioxidants. These ensure that the accumulation of proteins in the brain is prevented. 

But…. NB!

Have you become a fan of red wine and decide to drink a glass of red wine every day? Then it is important to also maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t do this, red wine can quickly turn out to be unhealthy for you.

  • Move sufficiently
  • In addition, drink enough water to flush the toxins and waste from your body. Take into account at least 1.5 litres.
  • Eat a varied diet
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables

So enjoy your glass of red wine, but drink in moderation!

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