When will I have to change my windshield?

The windshield is one of the most important elements that ensure good visibility on the road or in traffic. Measuring 140 centimeters long by 70 centimeters wide, your car’s windshield can sustain major damage like cracks. And when it is damaged, two situations arise for you. Or, you take the repair option if your garage advises you. If a repair is not possible to remove the damage, the ultimate solution you have is to replace it. Even if it must cost you a few extra dollars, you must do it to have good visibility while driving. But when should you replace your windshield? If you want to buy a windshield, we advise you to visit on the monparebrise.com website which offers a wide choice of windshields to be installed or installed yourself.

Replacing the windshield of a vehicle when the driver’s visibility is poor even in broad daylight

The windshield of your vehicle allows you to have very good visibility at all times and especially when it is in good condition. But when this part of your vehicle ages, it is no longer as efficient as before. You will spend all your time cleaning it with the best products. However, you will never get the desired result. Visibility will always be poor while driving. Also, in this case, the aesthetic aspect (the shine) of the windshield takes a hit and the only solution to fix it is to replace it with a new one.

Change the windshield of your car in case of breakage

Following an accident, the windshield of your car can receive impacts. Certainly, the best solution is to automatically replace this part of your vehicle. But a renewal is not always the best option, because, by carrying out a simple repair, you can save a few euros. However, it should be noted that renewal is only mandatory in the following cases:

  • When the crack is in the driver’s field of vision and prevents him from seeing well,
  • When the breaks are not more than 2 centimeters from the rain sensor,
  • When the damage has rendered the windshield totally irrecoverable,
  • When the cracks are in several places on the windshield
  • When the windshield has more than three impacts.

Who to change your windshield

Replacing your damaged windshield with a new one is a delicate operation that must be done by a professional mechanic for several reasons. First, when a professional takes care of it, you are sure to find the perfect model for more ease. Second, by entrusting this work to a professional mechanic, you have the guarantee that you will not buy the same windshield several times because he will put all the care and seriousness into it so as not to damage it. Finally, thirdly, by entrusting the replacement of your windshield to a mechanic, you will have an impeccable job delivered on time.

However, if you know something about mechanics or do-it-yourself, you can change your windshield yourself.

What are the steps to replace a windshield?

Before you start changing your car’s windshield, you must obtain a renewal kit with a specific glue. Once you have everything you need, here are the steps to follow.

First step:  Use a cutter to cut out the windscreen seal to be changed.

Second step:  Bring in from the outside to the inside, a piano wire. But before doing so, you must first make a hole in the joint at an angle that will be easily accessible to you.

Third step: slide the piano wire to cut the seal all around the windshield.

Fourth step: remove the old windshield by sliding the piano wire.

Fifth step: clean and degrease the support with the product contained in the kit for the new windshield. During cleaning, you must ensure that there are no residues of the old glue left to prevent them from creating leaks later.

Sixth step: apply an adhesive product before applying the new glue.

Seventh step: get help installing the new windshield. For this step, which is the last, the use of suction cups is recommended for easy handling of the new windshield.

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